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Crypto Media Analysis Report

As part of the Global Media Intelligence (GMI) Alliance, Ornico and five leading media intelligence providers joined forces to monitor and analyse traditional and social media across 20 countries. The alliance enables us to deliver international services to (domestic) clients whilst maintaining the highest standards.

This year, we focus on the banking and financial services sector and illustrate the importance of monitoring and understanding the media discussion around cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, to draw a comparison with traditional financial institutions in EMEA.

Crypto Media Analysis

Report Methodology

This independent analysis report explores how crypto assets perform against banks and financial institutions across Austria, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. To achieve this, we analysed traditional media reporting to provide a high-level analysis.

The report looks at crypto media coverage collected from print, broadcast, and online news sources. We also utilise automatic AI machine learning and human verification to produce sentiment analysis.

Key Metrics based on Messaging

Crypto assets were created as an alternative to traditional banking infrastructure to replace the intermediary role that banks currently play. For successful market adoption, we should apply accurate monitoring of crypto-asset performance. Firstly, by delivering accurate data, we can bring to light negative aspects of crypto such as digital wallet hacking and help identify resulting trends through traditional and social listening. Secondly, we need to understand customer sentiment around crypto assets, to prevent the support of initiatives that are detrimental to banks and financial institutions. Download the report to uncover more.

Ornico is a Brand Intelligence® company, helping marketers make sense of the endless sea of data for both advertising and media monitoring purposes across all industries. Ornico’s ability to track, measure and analyze data, help’s Africa’s top companies with better and more informed decision making. Our SA clients such as Standard Bank, Tiger Brands, Ninety One as well as our international ones such as P&G and Reckitt Benckiser have been receiving years of in depth insights including: trend analysis, brand reputation and crisis management, competition analysis and others.

Ornico’s Brand Intelligence® is an all-in-one solution that combines data monitoring and insights for all aspects of a brand. Whether that is creative/brand management and advertising or PR/external communication strategies, Ornico provides creative and media coverage of 60 countries across all mediums including print, broadcast, online and social

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