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The SA Social Media Landscape Report 2024

In an age dominated by Artificial Intelligence and the rise of deepfakes, maintaining brand integrity on social media has become a daunting challenge for businesses worldwide. The Social Media Landscape Report by Ornico and World Wide Worx explores the profound impacts of AI technologies, including Language Models (LLMs), on the credibility and reputation of brands in digital spaces.

Focusing on the South African landscape, this report unveils critical insights gathered from an extensive industry survey and meticulous analysis of social media usage trends. It delves into how AI-generated content, from persuasive text to hyper-realistic video simulations, can both enhance and endanger a brand’s identity. As platforms evolve, so do consumer expectations and the methods by which brands engage with their audiences.


With compelling data and thought leadership articles, The Social Media Landscape Report 2024 equips brands with essential data to navigate the complexities of social media and safeguard their integrity. As businesses strive to maintain trust and authenticity in their online presence, understanding these emerging trends is not merely advantageous but imperative for sustained success in the digital age.

The report includes findings from our partner Ask Afrika, whose survey unveils the way South Africans utilise social media and their valuable demographics. YOUKNOW, a South African intelligence technology company, will provide interesting social media data research through the Brandwatch platform and in-depth survey insights by GWI. 

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