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Advertising Analysis

Ornico provides media intelligence services that help clients
make informed decisions about their media and advertising

We track advertising activities across all channels, including TV,
radio, outdoor, print, online, mobile, and direct marketing, and
provide insights into ad spend, creative, and channel. This
information can be used to understand competitor activity and
share of voice, shape advertising campaigns, and optimize
media planning.

Make informed decisions about your media and advertising strategies.

Track adspend and strategies

Determine when and where
your competition is spending
their advertising revenue.

Understand market response

Ad tracking solution that
combines monitoring and
consumer data to give you
insights on how your ads are
performing in the market.

Creative monitoring

Get near real-time alerts on
new creatives and campaigns
along with deeper insights
across thousands of brands.

Shape advertising strategies

Create effective advertising by
first monitoring your competitors’
marketing messages, themes
and offers against ad spend
and ad flighting.

Advertising Creative Evaluation (ACE)

Creative analysis to shape your positioning strategy and advertising messaging.

ACE is an independent advertising analysis that provides insights into the creative direction and tactics used by brands within a given category. Using qualitative
methodologies, the ACE report provides a comprehensive view of how brands are positioning themselves, their messaging, and their creative elements.

ACE helps advertisers to:

  • Quickly identify saturation of messaging and creative elements.
  • Develop strategies to cut through advertising clutter.
  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding how their competitors are positioning themselves.
  • Make informed decisions about their own creative direction and tactics.

Adspend Analysis

Advertising spend and frequecy data to inform your strategy

Ornico’s Adspend Analysis provides you with an in-depth look at your competition’s advertising activity. See how many ad spots they’re running, how much they’re spending, and which media they
are using.

You’ll also get a share of voice analysis, so you can see how your
brand compares to the competition. The Adspend Analysis Report
is currently available for traditional media such as print, television,
and radio. This report is perfect for brands that want to stay ahead
of the curve.

With it, you can:

  • Monitor your competition’s advertising activity
  • Identify opportunities to improve your own advertising
  • Make better decisions about where to allocate your
    advertising budget


Brand and media intelligence combined with consumer data for effective advertising

AD360© combines Ornico’s brand and media intelligence data with
Human8 agile ad likeability testing. Providing advertisers with a holistic
view on how their brands are doing in the market and how consumers
perceive the brands marketing by asking them first-hand. AD360©
offers clients big data intelligence on advertising categories, the
creative, media spend and much more – with the benefit of adding
the consumer’s voice.

AD360© helps advertisers by:

  • Providing a comprehensive view of how your ads are performing
    across all channels.
  • Providing insights that help advertisers optimise ad campaigns to
    improve performance.
  • Providing insights on target audiences to help advertisers
    increase ROI by targeting your ads more effectively.
"We value Ornico's ACE product incredibly high. This type of service has helped us discover revenue generation avenues that were unknown to us. "
Head of Marketing
South African Multinational mobile telecommunications company

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