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Media Monitoring

Ornico provides comprehensive media monitoring coverage and analysis across print, broadcast, online news, and social media within South Africa, and rest of Africa.

Our AI powered news monitoring tools combined with our human verification process tracks keywords that are relevant to you. All editorial, broadcast and public online content that mentions your keywords is aggregated into a single platform – Pythia. Giving you a complete picture of how your brand is being discussed in the media.

39 Years, of empowering brand building and brand management through media monitoring.

Consumers and brands alike have a large data footprint, and it grow’s exponentially every year. Making it physically impossible for PR and marketing
teams to view, vet and develop strategies in response to their coverage, positive or negative.

The media has become an outlet for consumer frustrations and judgement for brands inability to deliver on their value propositions.

With 39 years of experience Ornico has created an easy-to-use media monitoring services that has helped thousands of marketing and pr
professionals to monitor their brand, markets, competitive landscape, trends and more.

Since our inception, we’ve been committed to being an integral part of our customers media analysis, ensuring that our coverage is vetted and
aligned with our customers keywords and adding their identified sources to our lists

What We Monitor


Ornico’s broadcast
monitoring covers both TV
and radio. We use state of the
art speech to text (STT)
technology to track mentions
and keywords from our
comprehensive source list of
TV channels and radio

Print Media

We source and collect
commercial, public and
community print media
publications such as
newspapers, magazines,
journals etc. to deliver all
clippings that mention your
brand, or monitored

Online news

We can scrape 1000s of
online news sites in South
Africa and Rest of Africa,
ensuring all your brand
mentions and keywords are
covered without
compromising accuracy.

Social Media

Monitor the daily trends and
conversations and review
your competition, industry
and keep up with the
fast-changing landscape of
social media.

Ornico’s media monitoring platform will give you insights on:

• Volume of mentions:
We monitor your news coverage based on a set of keywords across
online news, social media, print and broadcast.

• Top publications and media types:
We identify the publications that are discussing your brand the most,
and the media types where your brand is most prevalent.

• Top Region:
Where your brand mentions are originating from in the country.

• Top authors:
The Journalists and influencers who mention your brand, products, or
key stakeholders.

• Share of Voice:
The categories of industries where your brand is mentioned the most.

• Sentiment analysis:
A measure of how your brand is perceived in its coverage.
Coverage can be positive, negative, or neutral.

Media monitoring at scale

Media & Social Listening

Monitor news and discussions and other earned media across print, television, radio, online and social media. Analyse media coverage and emerging issues.

Reputation management

Keep track of brand and organizational reputation and sentiment. Measure and evaluate your public relations or communication strategy. Monitor and benchmark competitor media coverage.

Crisis, Trends & Competition Tracking

Monitor political, economic, social, legislative, and other factors which may affect your brand. Be on top of current trends and get insights for crisis management and communication.

Benchmark Performance

Evaluate your campaigns effectiveness and benchmark against yourself and competition. Optimize your campaigns with the right data.
"We find that Ornico’s wide-cast reach in terms of South African print and online publications as well as radio and TV broadcasts and social media has helped us stay atop our clients’ communication needs while equipping us with the tools to quantify the value of our PR offerings to our clients to help them measure their return on investment at all times"
Account Director
Multinational Communications Agency

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Media Reputation, Competition
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