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Brands (particularly big advertisers) spend billions of Rands on media owners
and channels to buy advertising space to promote their products and services.

MediaTrac helps them to compare their own vs their competitors’ advertising spend, their advertising volume on different (mediums, channels, programming), audience reach, media strategies and more.

Exisiting Clients

Be in total control of your advertising spend with MediaTrac

Track and compare spend, reach and frequency.

Identify gaps in the market to improve advertising strategy – both from a channel and medium perspective.

Easily identify industry competitor brand strategy and spend across Television, Radio and Print media.

Highly customisable for data drilling and deep insights.

Multiple Functionality

The ultimate ad-spend analysis. Identify competitor spending and share of voice.

Identify gaps in the market and optimize your advertising strategy for revenue growth and increased market share.

Benchmark your advertising campaign against your competition.

Total Control

MediaTrac provides you with the flexibility to digest adspend data and sort them.

Total adspend by industry, competitor but also breakdown by medium, month and number of ads.

Take a deeper look by analyzing each medium specifically and compare with your competition and industry.

Optimize Your AD Campaigns

ROAS (Return on advertising spend) and ROI (Return of Investment are extremely important to every marketing professional.

MediaTrac’s analytics and insights help you optimize your marketing campaign and improves advertising spend decision making.

The results? More effective targeting, new segment identification, increased revenue and market share.

"I have been able to increase my advertising spend due to strategically selecting the mediums which I should spend it. It is really amazing that I could see my budget growing and how it compares against my competition. Clearly we have been spending it wisely.
Marketing Manager
Global investment & Asset Management company

Advertising monitoring impacts the whole team

Advertising monitoring at scale