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Ornico Pythia

Your window into your brand’s media performance.

Get a view of your Advertising and Editorial data with a single click – All in one platform delivering Brand Intelligence®. Introducing Pythia Platform, brought to you by Ornico.

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Brand Intelligence®

Get a holistic view of your brand's performance.

Imagine a tool where you can have access to every single point of data that can influence your brand. Ornico’s Pythia collects and displays creative and editorial data, from over 200,000 sources under one state of the art all-in-one platform. Complete control of your brand performance within PR, Communications, Advertising, Creative, Branding and much more.

PR & Communication

The complete solution for communication professionals.

Daily media monitoring, reputation management, sentiment, and trend analysis and most importantly, crisis management. Test, analyze and optimize your PR and communications efforts with verified, real time and relevant data from traditional and social media sources. Print, Broadcast, Online & Social Media. AVEs, Share of Voice, LSMs, distribution of coverage, historical comparison, competitive analysis is just a few of Ornico’s Pythia’s capabilities. Suitable for every PR and comms professional.

Advertising & Brand Management

Get a holistic view of your brand's performance.

Competitive Intelligence done right. Ornico’s Pythia gives advertisers and brand managers the ability to gather, analyse, and use creative data collected on competitors, customers, and other market factors that contribute to your brand’s competitive advantage. TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, Mobile, Social Media and Outdoor. Subscribe to a specific industry, category, subcategory, or competitor tracking with Ornico’s industry-leading categorization.

The Ultimate Tool

Multipurpose functionality for every single need.

Ornico’s Pythia platform is super user friendly, easy to understand and incredibly insightful. Whether that is receiving alerts, analysing past and current data, exporting reports, or having unlimited capacity of users – 24/7, our platform ensures that your brand’s performance comes first without having to sacrifice time, money, or ease of use. View, download, share every single data point to each respective format, whether that is a pdf, jpg, mp3, mp4 or mass download in excel or pdf for your analysis. Create your custom data lists and include or exclude current or past data to meet your specific reporting or analysis goals. Our unique sandbox capability will help you build dynamic data sets that will increase your efficiency and reporting capabilities.

Why Ornico

For marketing professionals who are tired of the data noise in the market, Ornico is a Brand Intelligence® company that makes sense of that noise by providing brand measurement and insights. Unlike traditional media monitoring tools, Ornico’s Pythia allows marketing professionals to measure both advertising and media presence, while providing invaluable analysis for better decision making, All-in-One platform.

Pythia Features

Turn data into
actionable insights

Ornico Pythia includes everything you need to measure your marketing efforts, manage your reputation, adjust your brand strategies and spot potential snags as needed.

Get all your media and advertising insights in one place

Explore Ornico’s Pythia Platform for the ultimate Brand Intelligence® experience.