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Rest of Africa & Global

Offices in other African countries or worldwide locations? Need media and advertising regional coverage? We’ve got you!

Ornico can provide complete media and advertising monitoring services for any preferred country or region. Both traditional and social media, all advertising mediums. No matter the size of the country.

Media Monitoring at scale

Brand and Media Coverage

Subscribe monthly to a particular industry, category, or even subcategory and receive breaking new ads when they appear. Benchmark your performance and analyze sentiment, trends, media coverage and other important analytics.

Regional Trend Analysis

Identify the right spokespeople that can become brand ambassadors in each respective country. Edit your communication according to each countries idiosyncrasies for maximum ROI.

Reputation Management

Effectively manage your brand’s reputation and protect it from unwanted attention. Identify bad reviews, coverage and craft your strategy accordingly.

Competitor Review

Be on top of your competition by tracking both advertising presence and media coverage in the continent. Identify your competitor’s brand positioning.

Advertising Monitoring

Be on top of breaking new advertisements and always be informed of your competitor’s creative presence.

Get alerted every time your competition enters the market with a new ad in TV, radio, print, outdoor, online, mobile social media and outdoor.

Subscribe to a specific industry, category, subcategory or competitor tracking with Ornico’s industry-leading categorization.

Download, archive, research and use your data for analysis purposes, seamlessly.

Pythia Platform

Advertising and Media Monitoring Data within your grasp, all together, seamlessly in our password-protected software.

Switch between media & advertising data with one click. Get immediate access to key analytics and graphs.

Complete searching capability within various categories and past data. View, download and archive all data with a single button.

Access and archive your advertising and media monitoring reports, instantly.

"We have been using Ornico for almost a decade, during this time we’ve been purchasing creative from a number of African markets. We have also used them on occasion for adhoc jobs.We have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always prompt and offer competitive rates."
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Keep track of your brand's media presence with Ornico's high-quality media monitoring.