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Get a social media analysis report compiled by an Ornico media analyst.

The social media analysis report includes an analysis of client social media profiles as well as an overall view of publicly available social conversations across platforms.

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A Social Media Analysis your Brand deserves

Making sense of all the noise

Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter, which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute. Understand growth, reach, sentiment, engagement and response rates.

ROI Optization & Trend Analysis

Review follower trends, media coverage over time and daily conversation trends and improve your social media campaigns without missing out. Identify and analyze Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) social content and growth opportunities.

Reputation Management

Effectively manage your brand’s reputation and protect it from unwanted attention. Identify bad reviews, coverage and craft your strategy accordingly.

Shape Advertising Strategies

Benchmark social media performance with competitors​ for owned media activity and community engagement.

Psychographic Analysis

Ensure that your brand personality is been depicted and received according to your strategy. Solidify your communication strategies on social media with advanced machine learning algorithms, psychology and linguistics.

Platform Analysis

Our highly experienced and qualified Ornico analysts compile the SocialTrac analysis with an executive summary of the period covered plus commentary on specific measured metrics – not just automated dashboards. Have a complete view of your brand’s presence on social media by reviewing all key metrics such as sentiment, earned media, and AVE values.

With SocialTrac, you can be in full control of every single factor that affects your brand social media presence such as most active engagers, track daily conversation trends, top social media mentions and most influential tweets.

Comparative Analysis

Have a complete view of your brands presence on social media by reviewing all key metrics such as sentiment, earned media, and AVE values.

Compare your brand with your competition and benchmark your performance on community reach and owned media activity.


We employ advanced machine learning algorithms, psychology as well as linguistics to be able to uncover the core personality that is being displayed in free text published in social media. Brands are worth millions, however on the front line are entrusted to social media managers, the intention of this report is to provide a compliance view to ensure alignment with the expected brand personality and those that represent the brand. ​

Traditionally reports have focused on sentiment analysis, however, this very flat metric does not supply insight into the complex psychology of human beings. We attempt to unlock this understanding through the use of the Big Five personality profile approach incorporating measures of how Conscientious, Agreeable, Neurotic, Open and Extroverted a brand is perceived to be.​

Ornico has provided our Group with ongoing social media monitoring and analysis for the last five years with no concern or complain. Their comprehensive and detailed social media report has proven invaluable in our industry affairs management.
Head of Exernal Communications
Multinational Group of Corporations

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Total control of your social media presence, AI precision of data and psychographic analysis of your brand with SocialTrac